The Jones Law Firm, P.A., is experienced and dedicated to aggressively representing clients with professionalism in conflict resolution matters, negotiations, mediation, arbitration, administrative hearings and civil litigation. Our legal philosophy is premised upon effectiveness. We are committed to conducting an thorough investigation of your case through research, planning, and preparation, to achieve effective results.

We have successfully resolved complex legal issues, negotiated, settled, and litigated cases against some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 corporations and business liability insurance companies. If possible, we try to solve disputes and problems without having to experience the time delays, costs, expenses and uncertainties of litigation. However, if an amicable resolution or settlement is not reached, and litigation becomes necessary, we will aggressively represent our clients’ interests in court with the highest degree of professionalism.

As a boutique-style law practice, we are able to select our cases and maintain a manageable caseload so that we will be able to devote the necessary time, energy and focused attention necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We are able to deliver high quality legal representation at a much lower cost and in a more personalized, caring manner than the conventional-type law firm. When you are a client of The Jones Law Firm, P.A. you will:

Receive personalized attention from a team of caring, highly skilled professionals, including attorneys and legal staff; (Five Reasons Why)
Be provided with honest and realistic case evaluations based on facts and the applicable law; (Your Investment)
Be actively involved in your case from start to finish;
Actually communicate with your attorney and your calls will be returned;
Have the advantages of highly skilled experts, legal consultants, and state-of-the-art technology to level the playing field against huge companies;
Be treated with dignity and respect. (Our Core Values)

At The Jones Law Firm, P.A., we care about our clients, and our client’s best interest comes first. We maintain a steady client growth based largely through our virtual office, and from referrals from friends, associates, attorneys, and satisfied clients. We are committed to excellence and effectiveness in legal representation.