Wage and Overtime Hours

It is illegal under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and state laws, for an Employer to deny you the wages and overtime hours for work that you performed on behalf of an employer.

Under state and federal laws, the wage and hour laws frequently require the employer to pay twice the time and one-half owed (i.e., three times your hourly wage) as penalty. It does not matter if you are salaried or hourly, or what your job title is, or whether your employer told you that you are exempt. If your employer has not classified your job properly, and you are not qualified as an exempt employee, under federal and state wage laws you must be paid time and one-half for the overtime hours that you work.

The Jones Law Group, P.A., is known for its dedication, tenacity and success in fighting for unpaid wages, overtime hours and the compensation of employees. We may be able to assist you in obtaining your unpaid wages, overtime, and the compensation that you deserve. We handle individual wage and overtime hour claims, and we have the ability to file and represent clients in class actions. We can help you determine if your employer has violated the FLSA and state laws, and what type of compensation you may be entitled to receive. We may be able to obtain maximum compensation if your employer has violated the FLSA and state laws that pertain to your pay, wages, and overtime hours entitlements.

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