Under Florida Law you are entitled to rent a place to live or buy a home without consideration of your national origin, race, the color of your skin, a disability, your sex, family status, or religion.

If you have been denied a place to rent, a place to live or buy a home because of your national origin, race, color, disability, religion or sex you may have a claim under the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992 and federal fair housing laws. It is against the law to do any of the following based on race, sex, disability, nationality, religion, color or familial status:

If you feel that you have been discriminated against you have only 365 days from the day you experienced the discrimination to file your claim with the Florida Commission on Human Relations. Some possible damages and remedies that you may recover for the housing discrimination that you experienced, includes, injunctions, restraining orders, damages, court costs and attorneys fees.

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