Five Good Reasons Why You Should Choose The Jones Law Firm

We will provide you with a realistic case evaluation and case assessment.
We do not use slick marketing ads, sales gimmicks, tricks or legalese to obtain new clients or cases. The facts are the facts. The law is the law. We understand that the honest and realistic evaluation of your case is important to you. We trust that you will provide us with honest and open information about your case. In return, we will give you an honest evaluation of your case, based on the law, current legal trends, court decisions and jury verdicts. We will not give you unrealistic expectations or false promises. Mutual honesty and making a realistic evaluation of the merits of your case saves time and money and avoids unrealistic expectations.

We have the proven experience, ability and success rate.
We have the proven experience, aggressiveness, and tenacity to successfully resolve complex legal issues, negotiate, successfully settle cases and litigate against some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 corporations and business liability insurance companies. We will provide you with quality and aggressive legal representation to achieve maximum outcomes and positive results.

We are committed to Effectiveness.
Effective Investigation, Effective Research, Effective Planning, Effective Legal Strategies, Effective Preparation, and Effective Performance.

You will communicate with your attorney and be involved in your case. The firm prides itself on its attorneys regularly communicating with clients, and involving clients in all aspects of their cases from start to finish. We expect our clients to contribute ideas in the development of legal strategies, and we will respect those ideas. You will communicate with your attorney and not just a legal staff member or receptionist, as typically experienced by clients of the large, conventional-type law firm. Our regular communication and your active involvement in your case will enable you to get a full appreciation and understanding of your legal rights and the law that applies to your case.

We will collaborate with highly skilled legal experts and consultants.
We work together as a team with highly skilled and specialized legal experts, and consultants. We use cutting-edge legal technology to achieve maximum outcomes and positive results for you. The effective use of the highest level of interactive electronic capabilities allows our firm to work together with other highly skilled and specialized legal experts, consultants, and attorneys on the local, state, national and international levels. We are able to provide our clients access to a wide variety of legal services at a much lower cost than the large, conventional-type law firm.

We really do care about you and your important legal needs.

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    At The Jones Law Firm, P.A., we care about our clients, and our client’s best interest comes first. We maintain a steady client growth based largely through our virtual office, and from referrals from friends, associates, attorneys, and satisfied clients. We are committed to excellence and effectiveness in legal representation.